Most Delicious Sandwiches to try in New York

Most Delicious Sandwiches to try in New York

The world that we call New York, is always evolving, no matter what field or industry, it keeps bringing something new to the table, unlike places like London. Food has been subjected to same rate of evolution over the years, now in New York, you can enjoy a ton of food items that you may have never heard of, or can’t find anywhere else in the world, like the sandwiches we are about to mention.

Pulled Duroc Pork Sandwich

Try a pulled Duroc Pork sandwich comprising of Duroc Pork and spiced honey, cucumber and picked carrots, cilantro and chili mayo, all inside a semonila or quinoa baguette, and you will agree that this upgrade to a simple pulled pork is one that will stick. And it has, Num Pang is widely famous for this specific sandwich.

Falafel Sandwich

Mamouns is the oldest falafel spot in New York and it has never hindered the taste of their products in over 40 years, and we hope that they it won’t be hindered in the future too. Try the Falafel Sandwich hear, the blend of deep-fried chickpeas and spiced inside a pita is a treat for your taste buds.

Lobster Roll

There aren’t many places that may guaranty you a perfect delicious lobster roll, sometimes they do, but unfortunately the quality and the taste changes over time. Unlike Luke’s Lobster’s lobster roll, that is. The restaurant was established in 2009 and have never lost their loyal customers for hindered taste and quality, the consistency of Luke’s Lobster deserves a salute.